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Rock and more

Q 150

Extremely fast hardness testing cycle - under 3 seconds - Ultra-modern technology, innovative design -2 load ranges available: HRC or HBT 2.5/62.5 Descargar Folleto

Variant R

AUTOMATIC TEST SEQUENCE WITH OPTIONAL AUTOMATIC START - Test clamped or unclamped - Creation of favorites, statistics, progression displays, ISO and ASTM conversions Descargar Folleto

Variant M

Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Knoop hardness tester INTEGRATED OPTIC SYSTEM WITH HIGH RESOLUTION DIGITAL CAMERA - Automatic image evaluation after manual table movement - Ideal for narrow test point positions Descargar Folleto

Variant A/A+

Fully automatic single Hardness Tester ROCKWELL, BRINELL, KNOOP UND VICKERS Descargar Folleto

Micro hardness tester


Q10M / Q30M / Q60M

Micro hardness testing compact and efficient MOST SIMPLE OPERATION ON 12" TOUCH-SCREEN Descargar Folleto

CHD Master

Fully automatic, Economically, UP-TO-DATE Including certified Vickers indenter, 5-megapixel camera system, Lenses: 4x, 20x, 40x, Export tool for XLS, Word, PDF Descargar Folleto

Macro hardness tester


Q250 / Q750 / Q3000

Hardness testing with the newest technologie ACC. TO VICKERS, ROCKWELL AND BRINELL Descargar Folleto

Q250 / Q750 / Q3000

Large format fully automatic hardness testing Makro hardness tester with cross slide. TO BRINELL, VICKERS UND ROCKWELL automatic brightness adjustment depending to material and surface Descargar Folleto

Brinell Testing Plant



Fully automatic hardness testing plant with test point preparation HBW 10/3000, HBW 5/750, HRC Descargar Folleto

Software, Testing Blocks



Efficient operation in a new dimension QPIX T2 & QPIX CONTROL 2 Descargar Folleto

Hardness Test Blocks

Premium Hardness Test Blocks - comprehensive variety INDEPENDENT DAKKS (ISO/IEC 17025) CALIBRATION ACCORDING TO DIN EN ISO AND ASTM Descargar Folleto

Customized Solutions


Costumized Solution

Customized Hardness Testing Solutions FOR YOUR TEST REQUIREMENT Qness is specialised in finding the perfect solution for every test piece. Each solution is devised by a team of specialists with expertise in automation and is subject to professional project management from start to finish. Whatever your question, our team is always ready to help - from advice to installation.